Malinda’s Top Issues:

Malinda knows that Louisiana is so much more than the sum of all its problems. Bottom-of-the-barrel rankings in education, quality of life, substance abuse, and poverty do not have to be our status quo. This change has to come by electing a state government that is committed to doing what is best for all Louisianians, not just what benefits them and the special interest groups that control them. Malinda has worked tirelessly in her first term to secure funding and legislation to ensure that the residents of District 75 have access to quality healthcare, jobs, education, and long-promised infrastructure projects. She’s done so much, but there’s so much to still be done, and this is why she needs your support. No one else will work harder for you.


I want to keep championing legislation that will build an educated workforce beginning with early childhood education, extending to K-12, TOPS, and higher education, including Northshore Technical College. We will keep working towards the solution that makes best use of resources for our school districts.


I promise to be a tireless squeaky wheel when it comes to ensuring that District 75 gets their piece of the state and federal funding pie to improve roads, bridges, high speed internet and other infrastructure needs in our area. We have been cut off in many ways from the progress and growth that has visited all the surrounding areas, but that is changing on my watch.

Job growth

We need more good jobs in District 75. I believe that our efforts towards improving our schools and the completion of the long-promised Highway 3241 will bring us new opportunities. A skilled workforce, supported by Northshore Technical College, a improved school system, and greater access to major thoroughfares, will draw companies in.


I have already shown District 75 that I won’t take no for an answer when it comes to funding and protecting our access to quality healthcare. Our hospitals and clinics are the literal lifeline of our communities but they also are a pillar of our economy. It is imperative for our future that they remain and grow.

confronting the opioid crisis

The nationwide opioid crisis is devastating District 75. Our residents are dying at alarming rates…our babies are being born addicted at ten times the national average. I have been working diligently towards bringing a substance abuse rehabilitation facility to our district. We have to be dedicated to rebuilding families and restoring lives. Addiction touches nearly every constituent of District 75.

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